Who we are

TDeX was formed by three highly experienced MS Dynamics professionals. Together we have been directly involved in over 100 implementations over a 20-year period and have an enviable track record of leading successful projects throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.  Having worked for some of the biggest names in the industry we know what it takes for MS Dynamics projects to succeed.  We are very particular in who we hire and ensure that all our resources adhere to the exceptionally high standards that we set ourselves.  That way we are able to guarantee the quality that TDeX provides to every customer. We pride ourselves not just in implementing MS Dynamics but also in the level of consulting that we offer. 

Our Mission Statement
Ensure happy customers through the provision of high-quality Consulting and Implementation services.

Microsoft Dynamics professionalsSolutions, not software

TDeX is a Microsoft partner focussed solely on helping organisations get the most out of Microsoft’s award-winning Dynamics 365 platform.  Almost all businesses have customers, therefore it makes sense to understand as much as possible about those customers, not just from a sales perspective but also in order to deliver excellent customer service.  A happy customer is a retained customer. Having a critical business tool like MS Dynamics 365 can help grow your business through customer acquisition and retention whilst optimising processes and keeping costs low. "Solutions, not software" is one of our mottos and we spend a great deal of time in understanding the complexities of our customers' business before embarking on each project. Implementing a business-critical solution such as this should present an opportunity to enhance processes which can, over time, become embedded in an organization and be less than optimal. Although originating from Europe, each of us has spent many years living in the Middle East. We love the region and truly believe that our understanding of the melting-pot of cultures will set us apart from the competition and will help us in our quest to be the number one partner in the Middle East.