CRM implementation

We employ a hybrid approach to Project Management, combining both Agile and Waterfall methodologies. Our aim is always to share progress throughout the implementation and to be flexible enough to be able to adapt to change.

Waiting an eternity for your CRM system to go live is one of the most common complaints of Waterfall projects and one which we ensure isn’t a feature of any of ours. We employ a hybrid approach to Project Management, combining both Agile and Waterfall methodologies.  We have the following principles on all our projects:

a.       Use the Out-of-the-box product as much as possible.

b.       Configure where necessary and use a no-code/low-code approach to customisation/development.

c.       Identify a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in order to bring the system live in the quickest time possible.

d.       Share progress throughout the implementation and be flexible to changes in requirements.

e.       Use our experience to suggest any complimentary products from the marketplace that would enhance the overall solution.

Unlike much larger companies we are happy to be flexible where changes to requirements are necessary.  We truly want to be a partner not just during the implementation but through the evolution of your business.  We don’t ‘nickel and dime’ customers, instead we provide value and a keen interest in their success.

Key phases of the Implementation process:

·         Business Requirements Gathering workshops

·         MVP Analysis and Design workshops

·         MVP Configuration

·         MVP Testing

·         Deploying and training users

·         Support

·         Further development iterations

We use the principles of Agile during Development

CRM upgrade

We are experts in everything Microsoft Dynamics. If you’re not happy with your existing MS Dynamics system, we will be more than happy to undertake an evaluation and provide you with a suggested improvement plan. If it’s an upgrade you’re after then we can advise you on a move to the cloud or an upgrade to your existing on-premise platform ensuring that:

  • You are on a version which is currently supported by Microsoft
  • You can do away with unwanted custom development in place of new features and no-code/low-code development techniques
  • You can benefit from less maintenance and a more stable/faster environment

Throughout these processes you will benefit from our knowledge of the product as wellas our understanding of how to optimize business processes to help your business grow.