About TDeX

TDeX is a new company, formed in 2019 by three highly experienced MS Dynamics professionals.  Together we have been directly involved in over 100 implementations and have an enviable track record of leading successful projects throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East.  Having worked for some of the biggest names in the industry we know what it takes for MS Dynamics projects to succeed.  Our promise is to be closely associated with every project and to only use resources who we know personally and who possess the same professionalism and quality which we demand of ourselves.

We pride ourselves not just in implementing MS Dynamics but also in the level of consulting that we offer to our customers.  “Solutions, not software” is one of our motto’s and we spend a great deal of time in understanding the complexities of our customers’ business before embarking on each project.  Implementing a business-critical solution such as this should present an opportunity to enhance processes which can, over time, become embedded in an organisation and be less than optimal.

Each of us has lived in the Middle East – we love the region and we want to stay!  That is why we have set up our company here.  We truly believe that our understanding of the melting-pot of cultures will set us apart from the competition and will help us in our quest to be the number one partner in the Middle East.

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